Adult & Pediatric New Client ConsultationS

I use naturopathic health principles, including traditional Chinese medicine, integrative medicine and functional medicine disciplinaries, which emphasizes prevention, the self-healing process, and promotes wellness by identifying the unique aspects of each individual. By employing non-toxic therapies and modalities I are able to support the body in restoring its physiological, psychological, and structural balance.

A new client consultation gives you the opportunity to discuss all of your health concerns over an extensive evaluation. It includes a comprehensive review of your health history and current presentation of symptoms and state of health, which allows me to extract information about your health that has often gone unnoticed, misinterpreted, or forgotten in order to identify the root cause of your problem. 

new client consultations

In our new client consultations I incorporate manual muscle testing, a modality used to check your individual resonance within your body’s energetic system, to guide your personalized protocol. Through the use of manual muscle testing and our clinical expertise this unique approach allows me to put together an individualized plan to help you attain your health goals.

Many chronic conditions that do not respond well to conventional medicine may benefit from the natural therapies and therapeutic modalities offered here.

When you’re a client of Balanced Healing you’ll

  • You’ll have a blend of integrative, functional and eastern medicine modalities to give you the most comprehensive care
  • Have an individualized protocol created specifically for you, based off your individualistic needs, which will change as you change 
  • Receive at-cost blood work and functional labs
  • Receive 5% off all supplements purchased through our Fullscript online pharmacy 
  • Never have extensive payment plans: I firmly believe that you shouldn’t be locked into a health plan. As your needs change, your protocol will change too and payment plans do not leave room for flexibility