Health Maintenance and Prevention

If someone told you that you’ll only have one car in your entire life, how would you drive it? Would you race it around town, ignore the check engine light and skip all of the necessary maintenance? No, that would be nuts! You’d destroy that car and be left without one in no time.

Well folks, you only have one body, and this body has to support you for the entirety of your stay during your lifetime. That’s why health maintenance is so important, because like a car, you too have a check engine light, you just may not know about it.

health maintenance

Health Maintenance – Day to Day Care:

This looks like ensuring you’re eating appropriately, you’re supplementing when necessary. This means that you’re moving and working your body out appropriately so it doesn’t deteriorate on you. This means making sure your drainage pathways are open. This Day-to-Day care is making sure that on a daily basis you’re giving yourself everything you need to thrive. 

Routine Maintenance:

This looks like coming in on a regular basis (for some people that’s monthly, other’s quarterly) to ensure that your body is getting optimal support. This can be routine acupuncture, sauna, or an emotion code session. 

Annual Support: 

This is when you do the full ‘check engine’ visit. I run standard and sometimes functional labs to make sure that everything is not just ‘in range, but OPTIMAL’. And I adjust as I need to.

If you do not make time for wellness, you will be forced to make time for illness and I can guarantee you that wellness is a lot more fun and less expensive than illness ever is. 

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