Meet Dr. Elena Alisma

Dr. Elena Alisma

Dr. Elena Alisma was born and raised in the sunshine state of Florida. She completed her undergraduate degree in Biology at Florida State University. Shortly after graduating, she ventured into the sales and insurance industry, but kept her spirit for serving others nourished through volunteering at local hospitals and community-based programs for underserved populations. After having to seek alternative medicine to aid in her mother’s health and witnessing its benefits first hand, she decided to return to school to begin her journey into the world of holistic medicine.

She graduated from National University of Health Sciences, a 4-year full-time in-residence accredited naturopathic medical school, with a Doctorate in Naturopathic Medicine (ND). As Florida has not issued licenses to NDs since 1959, Elena Alisma, is not a licensed ND in Florida. She holds a license in the jurisdiction of Vermont. Given her educational training and experience, she works as a natural health consultant to Florida based clients. She holds a special license in commission of religious counseling and healing, a federally recognized license, that allows her to widely use non-invasive natural healing therapies with clients.

In Florida Dr. Elena works with clients to help them regain their health. She also completed her Emotion Code certification to address underlining emotional imbalances contributing to health ailments. Dr. Elena focuses on consulting with her clients using holistic principles, modalities, as well as conventional and alternative therapies. She is fond of sharing knowledge and empowering her clients to take back control of their health.

In her spare time, Dr. Elena enjoys spending time with her family, finding new ways to be active, and exploring new foods and flavors. She looks forward to helping you optimize your health!