Why You Should Take Stress Seriously

Many of us are quick to turn to our doctors at the signs of ominous health conditions – persistent migraines, coughing, dizziness. Yet each day, we think nothing of living with a chronic health danger – stress.

Indeed, many of us simply have come to accept stress as part of being an adult – or a child – in today’s world. Between deadlines, commuting (even in the COVID era), financial strains, and the persistence of turmoil in the news, many of our days seem to take place against a steady din of stress building up each day.

woman stressed

Perhaps we don’t take it as seriously as we should because we aren’t familiar with what the true definition of stress should be considered. In simplest terms, it’s not just something that can be overcome with mindfulness or exercise regimens alone; stress is actually a serious condition that, when overlooked, can lead to a wide range of devastating health outcomes – weakened immune systems, pain, discomfort, and more.

But what can be done to address stress? Are we at the mercy of living with it as a function of having a smartphone, a job, and responsibilities in the 21st century?

The good news is that stress can indeed be treated. Some options include:

Acupuncture – a tenet of traditional Chinese medicine, acupuncture can be a powerful tool for helping you reduce your stress, just as it has done over centuries. There are many misconceptions and concerns about how needles are used in acupuncture to restore the body’s stress equilibrium. With the support of trained acupuncture physicians, acupuncture sessions provide deep relaxation with no side effects to use your body’s internal capabilities to bring relief.

Lifestyle modification – a common pitfall in addressing stress is too much of a focus on any single aspect of your lifestyle. You might become so enthralled with a new exercise regimen that you ignore the underlying emotional and internal concerns that need to be addressed. Lifestyle modification reflects the axiom that only looking at the entire person in whole will lead to a comprehensive reduction in stress.

Emotion Code – an increasingly in-demand form of therapy that uses muscle testing to pinpoint and release emotions that have laid dormant under the surface for years, even as far back as childhood. Users have sworn by this technique’s ability to release toxic emotional energies from the past they weren’t even aware they were harboring.

Getting the help you need to address both the symptoms and origins of your stress requires working with a team that takes a comprehensive approach. To learn more about your options for dealing with stress, talk to our team at Balanced Healing of Jacksonville. We specialize in holistic care that treats the whole person with equal attention to the mind and body, no matter where you are on your health journey.