What to expect with a comprehensive lab test & analysis?

Health and wellness are too critical to be left to guesswork. We often tend to think of these areas as fuzzy intangibles, but when, in fact, you can pinpoint concrete steps to bolster and strengthen your health through lab work and comprehensive analysis.

How do you know that you may be a good candidate for lab testing to test for areas like your gut health, cortisol response, or other factors?

You may consider taking on comprehensive testing and analysis if you experience some of these symptoms in particular:

  • Sudden weight changes
  • Hormone imbalance
  • Bloating or constipation
  • Histamine Issues
  • Frequently getting sick, lowered immune response 
  • Hair loss or thinning hair
  • Brain fog, or symptoms that impact your ability to think clearly

Some may be concerned about the logistics of how to undergo lab analysis – and adequately interpret what your results mean. The safe path is to work with a team of practitioners like the professionals at Balanced Healing of Jacksonville, who bring extensive knowledge of lab analysis and, just as importantly, clearly communicate the take-aways to you. 

We have seen and heard of far too many instances in which patients receive lab results at other organizations, but nobody takes the time to fully help them digest and process what the results mean for the specifics of their situation.

Lab testing can feel complicated or overwhelming, and we see our role as helping simplify the results for you. For example, many other conventional labs maintain a primary focus on detecting disease; if your bloodwork and results don’t vary wildly from the norm, they will generally give you the “all clear” on a clean bill of health. The problem is that this approach might miss other important warning signs.

Our team places a greater emphasis on functional lab testing, which allows a more comprehensive understanding of what is happening across your body, including nutritional, hormonal, and other imbalances.

Our capacity to test for these imbalances on a more detailed scale allows us to give you more targeted and individualized results.

How do you know our approach is for you?

  • If your doctor tells you there’s nothing wrong with you, but you know something is wrong judging from how you feel, consider our services.
  • If you are suffering from an ongoing condition that won’t seem to lessen, see us.
  • If you’re seeking ways to optimize your health proactively, call us. Our functional approach can pick up on missing pieces you may have overlooked in testing conducted elsewhere.