How Stress Can Cause Chronic Fatigue

Between rising costs, commuting, negative news, and the perpetual overhang of the COVID-19 pandemic, modern life often seems defined by chronic stress. Many of us seem to accept that stress is a regular, expected part of our daily lives; just something to endure as adults.

But we’re doing real and lasting damage to our long-term health by living with prolonged exposure to such high-stress levels that we see in contemporary society.

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This stress can also manifest itself in disruptions to sleep cycles and ensuing low amounts of energy.

Some tell-tale signs you should be vigilant for that may indicate chronic fatigue include:

  • Challenges with memory and focus
  • Insufficient sleep or sleep that doesn’t leave you refreshed
  • Brain fog or a fuzzy, heavy or dull feeling in head

While the underlying causes of chronic fatigue syndrome vary, psychological stress is sometimes a key determinant. The symptoms may vary from person to person and from day to day, potentially including unexplained joint pains and extreme exhaustion. Don’t chalk off these kinds of symptoms as “just part of aging” if they persist.

They could be signs of virus infections, physical and emotional trauma, or hindered immune response. You could be especially at high risk of these conditions if you’re young to middle-aged or a woman. The reasons for women being diagnosed more often remain some subject of debate, one theory believes it’s because women are more likely to report their symptoms to a doctor, however other theories are considering how women’s hormones can actually play a much larger role.

Some may be concerned about the logistics of how to determine and address chronic fatigue syndrome safely. The safe path is to work with a team of practitioners like the Balanced Healing of Jacksonville professionals who bring extensive knowledge of safe and natural ways to support your body in it’s healing.