A Beginner’s Guide to Cupping

A meme going around on the internet recently puts it well; “The thing about getting older is that one day you feel sleepy or develop a pain, and then it never goes away.”


That sentiment captures how so many of us tend to feel about aging; it can seem inevitable that our once vibrant bodies are suddenly subject to pain in the neck, back, and muscles. Many of us might begin to just write it off as an unpleasant but incessant part of getting older.

However, the good news is that many techniques can help – they have just been relatively unexplored. One is cupping – a technique explicitly used to relieve many of the most persistent pains that adults struggle with and proactively build greater resistance for ailments like the common cold and asthma.

  • It may sound novel, but cupping has been used for thousands of years to address these issues.
  • In simplest terms, cupping therapy typically involves using a suction force to pull qi and blood into the skin, creating a negative pressure as superficial muscle layers are drawn into the cup.
  • Ultimately, the process helps to bring new energy and blood flow to specific parts of your body.

The process can use a variety of techniques to achieve this, whether fire, suction, or gliding. You can identify what type of cupping is most beneficial for you based on your personal needs with the consultation of trained acupuncture physicians like the team at Balanced Healing of Jacksonville. Our team of providers are well versed in the virtues of cupping as a powerful healing mechanism that can support your body and reduce stagnation – a solid addition to a well-balanced practice of health and wellness.